Fineliner Art

Page updated!

Here is the best art I have made on paper. I highly value these things, and avoid letting them get damaged as though letting them get damaged was to let myself be infected by a plague. These are most likely not original size on your screen right now. In real life they are A4 sheets of paper. These pictures are in a higher resolution in their purest form.

As I said some time ago before the more recent update, this was the best art I have, yet. But since then I've started making some pretty good paintings. These may not end up on this site, however.

Stuffed Toy
I suddenly had this idea of making fineliner drawings that weren't Colin Thompson fan art. I drew this to see if I was getting into something that would work.

I don't know if you can see this, but that toy is decapitated. What are less visible are his organs falling out. I can't even see them, so I'm not sure if they exist!

Dream Couch 
My first fineliner drawing in this series with a human in it. His feet are backwards. You can find a fixed version here. It looks so much better.

Dirt Jump Express
This picture is based on the dirt jumps on my back lawn. There was once a large board of wood poking out of it. It can be seen at the right side of the picture.

Pipe Town 
I finally scanned this one. However, I don't think it's quite as good as the digital version.  Here.

Toy City
This is the most recent paper art in this series that I have completed. Look forward to Compartments, which is coming to this page a very long time later.