Thursday, October 16, 2014

Moving On

I think I have to change some things about this blog. First, I'm going to delete three posts that I think are not a good idea to have on The Internet. I had some rough times about 3 years ago, but that stuff has to stay confidential.

However, some of my posts have been all about what was going on in my head. Looking at them now, they seem amazing to me. I'm going to keep the posts that don't disturb me too much, because I don't want to delete anything with great artistic value to it, like the post about the missing arm.

The problem is that when I think about these posts and how to write them, I think too hard and remember things that were not meant to be remembered. It disturbs me. So I'm going to go off writing about things from 2011, and probably let Alternate Science stagnate until I can think of more writing material. I'm sorry I didn't post at least once a month like I said I would. But who reads this blog?

And formatting this blog is hard. I have to carefully edit the HTML to stop posts from looking wrong.