Friday, October 14, 2011

I Dreamt of Halo

I was standing on a shore at night. There was an island in front of me, not very far away or large. I could see figures on it, and closer inspection showed that it was Master Chief standing in a circle of weird looking seaweed-esque plant like things. They were people of some strange race. They must have been 2.5 metres tall because they were higher than Master Chief and he's 2 metres tall!

I walked over to that island (well actually I sort of glided really, seeing as it was just a dream) and Master Chief let them know this: "I used to have hope for the universe, until I met you." Or rather it was like that anyway. It's sort of hard to remember.

Master Chief, seen here with hope for the universe.

I headed back to the shore and away from some blue guy. He looked like Cell or Sentinel prime. I had not seen Transformers 3 yet.
He got me with a finger. I kept trying to move away and it was a bit of an annoying struggle but soon I found an Asian guy with a plane or motorbike. I forgot which one it was but it flew. Soon we had a view of hundreds of Yak planes from Red Alert 1995 as if we were playing it on a PC. They really were in a dense crowd. They were spazzing out above a full screen of pixelated water, and above them was the cross-hair. No islands anywhere.
Unfortunately, I could not find pictures of the planes or the cross-hair. The only thing actually from the game in this picture is the water. If you can find any of those things please send me a picture.

Abrupt ending. I'm not sure if the dream carried on further or not.