Explanation of This

Don't believe everything you read in this blog. This place is made for entertainment, which people should find by reading its funny or interesting nonsense. The blog is called Alternate Science, but the point is for people to laugh because it is bullshit science.

Many years ago I came up with the idea of making a colour coded blog. This is that blog. The whole purpose was to eliminate the ambiguity that sometimes occurs between truth and fiction. I hate the idea that some people are disguising fiction as truth on purpose (that's called lying). The idea that people would be called liars for giving out misinformation unintentionally would just be sad, and I think worse. 

I will give out false information in most blog posts, with the intended purpose of having people who know it's false, read it and laugh because of how wrong it is. If you have found any of my posts funny, please leave a comment somewhere.

This blog is full of genuine bullshit. The bullshit is in grey. There is colour coding so nobody should have trouble distinguishing between the silly stuff, and the rare truth.

That guide above applies to blog posts of Alternate Science only. This page and the other stand-alone pages are not affected by the hue of their text. Pictures can have any colour of text in them and the guide will not determine anything about them. Images don't count.