Here are some animations I made. I'll try to keep them in chronological order based on when I started them as best as I can. All gif files are at their original size, except for the first one which is huge in its original form.

There have been times when I thought that this didn't qualify for the list Every other GIF here is an animation made by computer,

Featuring the fictional character Towl.
Inspired by David Firth. This was meant to look much better, but I unchecked 'Smooth' when exporting it, to see what would happen. I would have exported it again properly, but I left the document without saving, for some annoying reason. Anyway, "this isn't even my final form!"

Yes, it is a DBZ reference. I also got excited because I figured out how to tween.

A picture of a cherry tomato cut in paint runs on the spot on a windowsill. On my computer I also have a loop, in which the character moves.

A bunch of the little ones got into the plumbing.

Towl faces his most irritating adversary yet - an Easter egg. This was made during the Easter of 2010.

Sorry to tell you this, but I am genuinely disappointed in this one. The guy was supposed to do funny stuff with his teeth and stuff.

I feel that this one is quite lame, despite the explosion. It started as an attempt to animate a dot moving along the sides of an impossible figure.

Wave Glide
My tenth GIF in this series. I don't know why I didn't make him move forwards.

I had a picture of these main colours on my computer for a while. Today I finally got around to making all 6 frames and I turned it into a GIF. It features all the primary and secondary colours of light. Red yellow green cyan blue magenta. That is the order of a true spectrum with 6 colours. Here's an update, I just fixed and reuploaded this GIF because previously there was an annoying transparent bar at the bottom that showed up on some frames, which I had not noticed. Screw that.

Cog Turning
This one didn't turn out like I wanted it to. But a nice fact about it as that it is meant to be a repeatable tile. But as you would see if you tried putting this image together with a bunch of other images of itself, you would notice the yellow supports coming out of nowhere. And this fucking formatting is driving me crazy.

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