Monday, July 27, 2015

The End

That's it. This is the end of The Alternate and Crappier Science.
It's been a long time between the last time I updated this blog and now, and even longer since I posted actual content. I'm pretty over this blog. I'm only proud of like four or more posts at this time. I have quite completely run out of things to post here, and I certainly don't want to post more of that creepy stuff that I went through back in 2011...

Speaking of 2011, remember that post about images that you "won't believe aren't photoshopped" that I made a while back? I was actually trying to make a parody of a certain article series on Cracked by taking advantage of their vulnerable phrasing to create a manipulative logic, commenting on how it was obvious that the audience would not believe in such images being faked, because they obviously weren't.
...Instead, I ended up with a shitty post that confusingly payed homage to a brief stint of mine in a "CFU" back in 2011 during the blackout glitch period of my suffering brain.
Anyway, this blog has basically run out of material to ride on, so I'm going to stop updating it forever. No more posts.
I do plan on making another blog, though! I believe it's going to be a blog on Wordpress about fictional villains, so I hope you look forward to that if you happen to somehow find it in latter days.
Latter days...
Latter days...