Monday, April 29, 2013

Marble Striders

It's about time I updated this blog.

I am going to tell a story about a very strange thing that happened to me one day when I was staying in a mental health ward. I was catatonic there, and it was really serious. I could easily make up some bullshit scientific documents and sightings about this subject - as is the nature of this blog - but I think it's better to just explain the truth, and how I interpreted it.

It was 2011 when I was sitting there. I was in the kitchen having some unremembered conversation with my father. I would probably have been a lot more involved in it if I hadn't been catatonic.

I looked out the window and saw something amazing. It was a walking bathtub.
Quick side-note here, that bathtub wasn't the only thing walking down the hill, there were other people walking on the path as well. If you were ever in New Zealand and saw something like in the picture above, please comment about it.

It was beautiful.

This was a very sad moment in my life, and you could probably say this was a very moving experience. (It was certainly emotional, but probably less than I remember it to be. I was most likely shocked.) I had assumed that it was some kind of undocumented female creature, walking away from the world sadly, as though very disappointed (in me, probably).

Unfortunately I didn't tell anybody about this until it was gone and my dad was leaving. I think he was trying to stop me from looking outside as well. When I told him, he thought there was something wrong (as I've been told), but soon he figured out what was going on.

He found a bathtub in a dumpster. These days we understand what really happened. Basically somebody walked down the hill outside, with an upside down bathtub on his back, with only his legs visible from where I was sitting. I think he was in painting gear.

The significant thing about this was how my psychosis understood this. Due to that clinical insanity, this wasn't just a humorous occurrence; it was a haunting image. 

I still think about those creatures. I've come to refer to them as Marble Striders, and I hope to release a fictional documentary about them some time.

I just need to find a bath tub.