Monday, February 13, 2012

Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

Here are some pictures that you won't believe are not photoshopped, edited or doctored in any way.

Cat and Mouse
A cat heavily pursues a mouse that has stolen one of her kibbles. Speed blur shows the sheer power of the pursuit. The mouse is regularly defined by the black spot on its rump. The mouse is clearly faster than the cat, but cannot outrun it forever.
-Lunar Tick

A ship takes off from the side of 3 cliffs. A guitarist plays its leaving theme.
-Some people on The Internet

Matrix Fight
Neo enters The Matrix for the last time. An army of Smiths stand watching the battle between him and the most powerful Smith who can also fly. Neo is about to land a most poofy impact on Smith, who attempts to style-punch Neo.

A helicopter shark flies over the open ocean looking for seals to feed on.
-Department of Complication

Horseshoe Crab
This horseshoe crab is receding to the water for it has simply lost hope in the world. Years have gone by and war still continues among humans, who have failed to listen to the wisdom of his species. He is also concerned about the exploitation of his species for their blood, which is turned into a potent blue neurotoxin.
-Lunar DOC

 Lionfish Zebra
This strange creature was found outside Auckland Zoo. This may have been a result of inter-enclosure breeding. The specimen was later put to death for avoiding regular logic.
-Assorted Zoologists

 The Core
Here can be seen the core of The Moon. The Moon has been compared to GLaDOS, having a tough, cold outer shell, and a boiling, angry interior.
-Luna Shyr

Spirit Bear
A spirit bear flies through the clouds majestically, waiting to be summoned by Goku for the purpose of defeating a new villain. A spirit bear is a white grizzly rarely produced by two brown ones.
-Scrawl Hicken
Gordon Freeman has entered Doctor Breen's office. This is part of an elaborate prank and trap by Breen. A hint of a smile appears on his face. "Really Doctor Freeman?" He says. "Did you really think you would get away with it?"
-Doctor Kleiner

 Android 1
Dr Gero's recently activated Android 1 suddenly comes around a corner to find its first victim. The soldier inside the building has no idea of his fate.

Android 18
For the first time Android 18 is activated. She stands up with a shudder and a wheeze. Compressed air flows beneath silicone skin and she makes a demure grin. She takes in her surroundings quickly. She notices Dr Gero and kills him immediately. Then she and 17 left the premises, to be eaten later by Cell.

A small group of robots are conspiring. They plan to take over the world.

 Universe Edge
Two space divers have reached the top of the universe. This area is home to bee fish which feed on heat.
-John Digligger

The Void
A man trapped inside Minecraft attempts to get back to the real world by floating down into The Void holding an umbrella. The man filled the pool with gravel and then dug everything out.
-The Stonefaker

 Ball With Hoop
After the world has ended, a single man passes the rest of time by throwing a pathetic little ball.
-Cringey Hompson

Tesla Man
A Tesla man foolishly stands with a burning torch near a highly flammable gas electrical storm. The man is surely about to die in a rage of electrical fire. The gas is mined for such purposes as rubber and sugar processing. 
-Lunar SHUT

Angry Seals
These seals are furious about the existence of spirit bears, as they are their natural enemies.
-Thomas W. A. 

I didn't say that these pictures aren't fake, I said you wouldn't believe the idea that they are not fake. A few of them are definitely fake, or just straight up not photographs. Others are real photos that have been edited for the National Geographic magazine or other aesthetic purposes.

So yeah, utter bullshit.